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We are truly happy to align ourselves with the all new Vida Divina program. For many years our team has been working with benchmark programs and nothing even comes close to what we can now offer. The signup rate is Sky High! If you've been looking for a legitimate income solution, this is it! 

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Remarkable visionary innovative platforms, with unique features that gives you a dynamic user friendly marketing program. Unrivaled Technology produces automated advertising instantly, helping you to promote without rejection. Giving you consistent optimal win, win customer signups with on-going income for life.

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Please get back with the Affiliate Partner Owner who referred you to this site Sign up is Free... and there is "no obligation". Disclaimer: please note  no funds can be exchanged until the actual products are available.   Now in Pre-Enrollment-Soft-Launch...!! The clock is ticking...

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Why Should You Become A Vida Divina Partner?

Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry and the popularity of health related products is on the rise every day. Vida Divina is not only a line of amazing healthcare products but also your opportunity to become a Vida Divina Affiliate Partner to secure your own financial independence. By becoming a Vida Divina representative you will be able to tap into a huge market here in the US and Internationally building lucrative evergreen partnerships. Contact us ©VidaDivinaTao by AJ Etwn Ev Media.

Since we own our own Manufacturing plant. That means we have the highest quality ingredients and the best price points available "no-middle-man"- making more profit directly available to the Affiliate Partners! And the compensation plan is cutting edge... up to a 70% Payout! Vida Divina’s compensation plan is going to produce more $5,000 to $10,000/a month earners than anyone in the industry.

A few highlights of the compensation plan - Weekly Pay: Fast Start, Customer, Presenter, Rollup Fast Start

Affiliate Partners Retail Only - no sign ups... or recruiting necessary, no minimum or auto ship... required.
or become a...

Affiliate Partners Builder - and earn Exclusive 7 Level Matching Bonuses!

** 50%-70% Progressive Fast Start bonuses
** 7 Generation Check Match (This is Huge..!!)
** 20% Presenter bonus
** 50%Customer bonus
** 100% points to assigned team
All products are $40 and = 40 points
Progressive volume 5%-10% to 25% bonuses
Progressive Home Mortgage payment bonus
Progressive Vida Divina Points
Rank Advancement Awards
Volume does not reset if you are not gvb qualified "no resets"
And much, much more!….

We have a world class back office and will have training and marketing materials: business cards, blitz cards, flyers and much more. We have company issued PDF’s that will be provided for you free to use. Don't Learn to Quit! Just Do It!

Vida Divina is opening in 10 countries from Day 1: USA, México, El Salvador, Panamá, Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica. Launching with 18 products ready out of the gate on start up with a total of 33 products by years end.

Join Our Team! Don’t Let This Opportunity For Amazing Placement Pass You By! 

The Launch is Here...!!! Join Vida Divina on our team today! We have amazing placement among the top tier in this emerging company. Contact us now so that your high tier placement is secured! We are growing by the day and this is a prime position for You before we open.

At this time only manual sign ups are allowed. We as team leaders can sign you up manually. Click the button below to sign up! You will be directed to a Thank You page with a link to our Facebook page. Send me a message on Facebook now so that we can get further information to create your Vida Divina account and get you into your own back office. Once we have more info, we can get you signed up and your spot secured immediately!  Don’t hesitate...!! Sign up is FREE! We look forward to getting to know you and helping you grow your business. Please see Mini-Comp plan overview click the Contact button.

We are a faith-based group of business partners who hold a High Standard of Ethics, Honesty and Integrity as our

reputation means everything to us and believe in the Gift of Giving. ©AJ Etwn Ev Media

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